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We customize high-precision CNC milling parts, CNC turning parts, stamping parts, and laser cutting parts. Our company is equipped with perfect post-treatment process systems (surface treatment), such as anodizing, liquid painting, powder coating, electroplating, electrophoresis ……


Our Service

HFJ provides full-service manufacturing capabilities, including machining (mills/lathes),
wire EDM, grinding, metal stamping and surface finish.

CNC Milling Service

We offer cost-effective milling solutions whether you need a single part, batch of prototypes, or full production order. We work with….

CNC Turning Service

We have customized thousands of CNC turned parts these years, such as Drain plugs, spline shafts, pipe fittings, shifter bushings….

Multi-parts Assembly

HFJ is good at assembling multiple parts made in-house or from your multi-vendors. This helps you lower overall production costs as well as….

Surface Finish Service

HFJ offers a wide range of materials with multiple surface finish options. Surface finishes add function as well as cosmetics….

Why Us

Warehousing Flexibility

We can deliver the goods according to your marketing and sales schedule. It helps you avoid warehousing fees and sharply reduce prodction cost by ordering anual qty but partial delivery monthly.

Combined Shipping

HFJ has rich experience at combine shipping your multipul Chinese suppliers' products with ours, you save plenty of time and shipping cost. We are good at being your overseas agent.

Quality Guarantee

Comprehensive inspection throughout the whole manufacturing process, from raw material to final package. High accuracy measuring equipment is used to guarantee the final quality.


On-demand manufacturing from 1 to 10,000+. Your small order is warmly welcomed. We hope our effort will help you grow your business. Look it in a different light, small order is mutual support to both companies, too.

Budget Control

Our team members are experts in sourcing superior materials, working out efficient machining processes, providing suitable suggestions for packaging and striving for most competitive shipping rates to meet your budget.

Rich experience

Most our operators are with 5+ years of processing experience, stable technology and good at identifying potential issues. If there are unexpected situations during processing, they are able to provide the best solutions in a timely and quick manner.

Factory Tour

HFJ provides one-stop services from initial concept to finished products.
We continuously upgrades equipments and studies the most advanced technologies to be an expert in the field.
HFJ will never lower quality for expediency.

WHY Customers Love Us

Frequently Asked Questions

We will submit the quotation in 8 hours if getting detailed information during working days.
In order to quote for you earlier, please provide us the following information together with your inquiry.
1). Detailed drawings (CAD/PDF/DWG/IGS/STEP/JPG)
2). Material requirement
3). Surface treatment
4). Quantity
5). Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels,delivery,etc.

We run a scientific and strict quality control system from blank materials to final packing.
If any unqualified dimensions inspected, machining will be stopped at once, then we check and fix the issue before moving on, all parts processed in this issued step will be 100% inspected, and defected parts will be scrapped if they are not reworkable. 

Sure. It’s warmly welcomed. Hope with our efforts, your business is better and better.

For your better control of timeline, we can update you the manufacturing progress weekly by sending pictures or videos if required.

According to the products’ shape and surface requirements, we provide various packing choices, Customized packing methods are welcomed. Check More

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