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HFJ Mission

HFJ Machining is able to provide one-stop services from initial concepts to finished products. We continuously upgrade equipment and studies the most advanced technologies to be an expert in the field. HFJ will never lower quality for expediency.

About HFJ

HFJ was founded in Xiamen, China, in 2008. HFJ was established to provide support to companies in the industry that constantly need to accelerate product development, reduce costs, and optimize the supply chain. Our goal is to gain all our client’s satisfaction by providing first-class project management control and problem-free products. We are good at learning from challenges.

Factory Tour

HFJ owns a full set of advanced equipment CNC machines,
which could handle machining tolerances of ± 0.00025 in.
These allow us to produce parts with high precision, complex geometry, and tight tolerance.

HFJ is equipped with these facilities : 

CNC milling machine
CNC lathe machine
Horizontal Lathe
Grinding Machine
Wire EDM Machine
Universal Milling Machine
Drilling Machine
Horizontal Band Sawing Machine
Gas Shielded Welding Machine
Punching Machine
Shear Sheet Machine
Plate Bending Machine

What We Do

HFJ provides full-service manufacturing capabilities, precisely customized according to drawings. Our service includes CNC milling, CNC Turning, wire EDM, grinding, metal stamping, and surface finish.

Multiple Parts Assembly

HFJ is good at assembling multiple parts made in-house or from...

CNC Milling

We own 3 axis and 4 axis CNC milling centers, we offer cost-effective...

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat...

CNC Turning

HFJ owns CNC turning centers and manual turning equipments. We...

Surface Finish Service

HFJ offers a wide range of materials with multiple surface finish options.

Quality Control

Quality Is HFJ’s Top Priority.

We run a scientific and strict quality control system from blank materials to final packing.
If any unqualified dimensions are inspected, machining will be stopped at once, then we check and fix the issue before moving on, all parts processed in this issued step will be 100% inspected, and defective parts will be scrapped if they are not reworkable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to quote for you earlier, please provide us the following information along with your inquiry.


1)-Drawings (in PDF/CAD/DWG/STEP/IGS/JPG format)




3)-Surface treatment


4)-Any other special requirements, such as particularly tight tolerances, customized packaging and labels, urgent lead time and so on.

Although straight comparisons are not easy, HFJ's quote will be usually 70-80% less for CNC machined parts when compared to vendors in North America as well as Europe. Of course, what we are saying is based on the same quality, not on cutting corners.


This cost superiority benefits from China's unique labor advantages and the convenience of various material resources mobilization as well as very developed logistics.


Compared to other Chinese suppliers, we choose not to compete just on price,but to provide top quality, efficient& pleasant communication and our special one-stop service.

Most of the time, we respond within 24 hours of receiving the RFQ. If the quote is likely to be delayed, we’ll inform you immediately.

Yes, We are committed to providing one-stop solutions.


Unlike traditional factories, we offer various kinds of machining, surface finish, and multi-parts assembling, the most prominent strengths are individual packages for e-commerce sales.


And HFJ has rich experience at combine shipping your multiple Chinese suppliers’ products with ours, you save plenty of time and shipping cost.

Of course, your small order is warmly welcomed. We hope our effort will help you grow your business.


Let’s look at small orders in a different light, it’s mutual support to both companies, too.

Yes, we did this. 


Please first let us know the general information of your item, if workable, then send us your sample by air. After receiving it, we’ll make a further evaluation.

Certainly, just send it, we value your designs and would protect them carefully.

The sampling cost will be refunded after confirming of mass production, please contact us for more details.

All defective items should be confirmed by both of us based on the clients’ RMA checklist as well as photos first, after that, we’ll act in good faith to provide you with complete satisfaction.


E.g. we would re-make the items for free or refund the money as necessary.


Our continuing business relies on earning your confidence in our ability to meet and exceed any reasonable expectations.

Once the order is confirmed, our independent PMC department will organize suitable manufacturing schedules.


And our production team holds meeting every morning to review manufacturing progress as well as discuss problems encountered and look for solutions to ensure schedules are on track.


For your better understanding, we can update you on the manufacturing progress weekly by sending pictures or videos if required.

We provide a wide range of surface finish services to meet almost all kinds of feelings and looks on your parts.




2)-Powder Coating,


3)-Liquid Painting,


4)-Electrophoretic coating,




6)-QPQ finish (Quench-Polish-Quench),


7)-Laser engraving,


8)-Silk Screen Printing


Learn more on our Surface Finish page.

There are mainly 4 steps.


1)-Incoming Materials Check


2)-In-Process Quality Check


3)-Semi finished products inspection prior to surface treatment


4)-Final Product Quality Check prior to packaging


Click Quality page to learn more details. 


We file drawings and test reports well in case for future reference, if you find any doubts after receiving parts, please contact us at the very first time, we’ll provide you solutions within ASAP.

It depends on the complexity of designs, surface finish, packing methods and quantity.


If your project is very urgent, we can adjust our current production flexibly and prioritize your job accordingly.


Usually 2 to 4 weeks could be a reference to samll orders.

If have to say one, then the minimum tolerance is ± 0.00025 in. We don’t have a given set of tolerances that apply to all processes and materials. However the true case is that final tolerances will depend upon several factors, including but not limited to:


-Manufacturing process




-Design features


-Surface finish


-Parts size


Anyway, we analyze case to case. We’ll evaluate your drawings and requirements, and point out any areas where we are unable to meet your desired tolerances. At this point, it would be very helpful if you could indicate which tolerances must be met and which can be changed slightly in order to reduce machining time and costs without affecting their functionality.


It would be easier to both us, if all manufacturing and technical specifications to be followed are clearly specified in the 2D drawings.

Firstly, we can sign mutual non-disclosure agreements and will certainly adhere to it.


Additionally, we have strict policies in our company that no photos of a customer products will be disclosed after signing NDA.


Lastly, we value our reputation, ever collaborated with thousands of unique designs over years and never ever allow any type of proprietary information to be disclosed to 3rd party.

Max milling size: 1500*800*800mm


Max turning size: φ500 * 100mm,  φ300 * 500mm,  φ10~40 * 300mm


Automatic CNC longitudinal lathe max size: <φ20 * 400mm.


We renew our equipments from time to time, pls contact us for most recent updates.

According to products’ shape and surface requirement, we provide various packing choices, Check Details.


Of course, customized packing methods are welcomed!

We can update you the manufacturing progress weekly by sending pictures or videos if required.

Yes, but usually only for shipments by sea and by air, not for shipments by Express.

There is no single answer to this question.


Import tariffs vary greatly from country to country and depend on the type of imported goods. The commodities of most countries in the world conform to the International Harmonized System (HS) codes, which classify almost all commercially traded goods.


If you are very concerned about this, please let us know the usage, name and HS code (if you know) of the parts, then we’ll pre-check import duty for you.

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