Assembly Service

Multi-parts Assembly

HFJ has rish experience in assembling multiple parts made in-house or from customers’ multi-vendors. This helps you lower overall production costs as well as reduce lead-time to market. Depending on your packaging requirements, we can apply different labels, customize packages and deliver final assemblies to customer-specified locations, such as Amazon FBA or your 3PL warehouse.

The image is an adjustable  assembly nuit that we produced and assembled in-house.

The project includs eleven separate machined parts of different materials.

The parts were taken through multiple processes, including CNC milling CNC turning, Stamping, knurling, casting,  sand blasting, QPQ and black hard anodize, finially we assemble the product as one complete unit.

Adavantages and Features

01  With a complete supply chain system and abundant resources, our company can provide one-stop service from raw material procurement to assembly and delivery, reducing customers’ logistics and procurement costs.

02  Machining different parts, sourcing standard hardwares and assembling them in our company,  it helps you save a lot of costs and time  associated with coordinating between multiple factories. 

03  During the assembly process, if there is unexpected problems, we are flexible and fast to locate the cause, try multiple solutions, and select the best one to reduce the customer’s rework time and cost.

04  Flexibility: we can typically provide responsive services to meet customers’ provisional decision changes requirements and act quickly to satisfy specific customer needs.

Assembly units gallary

Many featured custom products are not shown on the website due to signing NDAs with customers.