Quality is our 1st priority

We run a scientific and strict quality control system from blank materials to final packing.
If any unqualified dimensions are inspected, machining will be stopped at once, then we check and fix the issue before moving on, all parts processed in this issued step will be 100% inspected, and defective parts will be scrapped if they are not reworkable. 

Normally, in this step, we would require material certicidation from material supplier, then inspect length/diameter/width/thickness and surface situation.

We would send some pieces of raw material to professional agency to assay material constitution, if customer has particular requiments.

1) Self-inspection: In machining process, operators inspect critical dimensions & appearance at certain ratio.
E.g. will check some parts’ thread fitting at 1:2 ratio.

2) Process inspection: PQC will do once per hour inspection for certain amount according to different parts.

1) Appearance: 100% inspect for parts with special requirements on surface.

2) Dimension: spot-check certain amount according to batch quantity and drawing details.

For your better control of timeline, we can update you the manufacturing progress weekly by sending pictures or videos if required.

Inspection Flow

Measuring Tools


Optical Projector, Three coordinate-measuring machine,
Pin Gauges, Plug Gauges, Thread Gauges
Roughness Testers,
Hardness Testers,
Inside Micrometer,
Outside Micrometer,
Height Gauge,
Dial Indicators,
Vernier Caliper etc.